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Pencillin-Cephalosporin and related allergic shock
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    الموضوع: Pencillin-Cephalosporin and related allergic shock

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      33 Pencillin-Cephalosporin and related allergic shock

      Antibiotic - Penicillin

      Antibiotics are specific chemical substances derived from or produced by living organisms that are capable of inhibiting the life processes of other organisms. The first antibiotics were isolated from microorganisms but some are now obtained from higher plants and animals. Over 3,000 antibiotics have been identified but only a few dozen are used in medicine. Antibiotics are the most widely prescribed class of drugs comprising 12% of the prescriptions in the United States.

      The penicillins were the first antibiotics discovered as natural products from the mold Penicillium. In 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming, professor of bacteriology at St. Mary's Hospital in London, was culturing Staphylococcus aureus. He noticed zones of inhibition where mold spores were growing. He named the mold Penicillium rubrum. It was determined that a secretion of the mold was effective against Gram-positive bacteria.

      Penicillins as well as cephalosporins are called beta-lactam antibiotics and are characterized by three fundamental structural requirements: the fused beta-lactam structure (shown in the blue and red rings, a free carboxyl acid group , and one or more substituted amino acid side chains . The lactam structure can also be viewed as the covalent bonding of pieces of two amino acids - cysteine (blue) and valine (red

      Penicillin-G where R = an ethyl pheny group, is the most potent of all penicillin derivatives. It has several shortcomings and is effective only against gram-positive bacteria. It may be broken down in the stomach by gastric acids and is poorly and irregularly absorbed into the blood stream. In addition many disease producing staphylococci are able to produce an enzyme capable of inactivating penicillin-G. Various semisynthetic derivatives have been produced which overcome these shortcomings

      Powerful electron-attracting groups attached to the amino acid side chain such as in phenethicillin prevent acid attack. A bulky group attached to the amino acid side chain provides steric hindrance which interfers with the enzyme attachment which would deactivate the pencillins i.e. methicillin. Refer to Table 2 for the structures.

      Finally if the polar character is increased as in ampicillin or carbenicillin, there is a greater activiity against Gram-negative bacteria


      Penicillin Mode of Action - Enzyme Inhibition

      All penicillin derivatives produce their bacteriocidal effects by inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis. Specifically, the cross linking of peptides on the mucosaccharide chains is prevented. If cell walls are improperly made cell walls allow water to flow into the cell causing it to burst
      Resemblances between a segment of penicillin structure and the backbone of a peptide chain have been used to explain the mechanism of action of beta-lactam antibiotics. The structures of a beta-lactam antibiotic and a peptide are shown on the left for comparison. Follow the trace of the red oxygens and blue nitrogen atoms.

      Mechanisms of Drug Actions by Enzyme Inhibition
      Gram-positive bacteria possess a thick cell wall composed of a cellulose-like structural sugar polymer covalently bound to short peptide units in layers.The polysaccharide portion of the peptidoglycan structure is made of repeating units of N-acetylglucosamine linked b-1,4 to N-acetylmuramic acid (NAG-NAM).
      The peptide varies, but begins with L-Ala and ends with D-Ala. In the middle is a dibasic amino acid, diaminopimelate (DAP). DAP (orange) provides a linkage to the D-Ala (gray) residue on an adjacent peptide.

      The bacterial cell wall synthesis is completed when a cross link between two peptide chains attached to polysaccharide backbones is formed.
      The cross linking is catalyzed by the enzyme transpeptidase. First the terminal alanine from each peptide is hydrolyzed and secondly one alanine is joined to lysine through an amide bond.
      Penicillin binds at the active site of the transpeptidase enzyme that cross-links the peptidoglycan strands. It does this by mimicking the D-alanyl-D-alanine residues that would normally bind to this site. Penicillin irreversibly inhibits the enzyme transpeptidase by reacting with a serine residue in the transpeptidase. This reaction is irreversible and so the growth of the bacterial cell wall is inhibited.
      Since mammal cells do not have the same type of cell walls, penicillin specifically inhibits only bacterial cell wall synthesis.

      Bacterial Resistance to Penicillin:

      As early as the 1940s, bacteria began to combat the effectiveness of penicillin. Penicillinases (or beta-lactamases) are enzymes produced by structurally susceptable bacteria which renders penicillin useless by hydrolysing the peptide bond in the beta-lactam ring of the nucleus. Penicillinase is a response of bacterial adaptation to its adverse environment, namely the presence of a substance which inhibits its growth. Many other anitbiotics are also rendered ineffective because of this same type of resistance.

      Severe Allergic Shock Reactions to Penicillin:

      It is estimated that between 300-500 people die each year from penicillin-induced anaphylaxis, a severe allergic shock reaction to penicillin. In afflicted individuals, the beta-lactam ring binds to serum proteins, initiating an IgE-mediated inflammatory response


      Cephalosporins are the second major group of beta-lactam antibiotics. They differ from penicillins by having the beta-lactam ring as a 6 member ring. The other difference, which is more significant from a medicinal chemistry stand point, is the existence of a functional group (R) at position 3 of the fused ring system. This now allows for molecular variations to effect changes in properties by diversifying the groups at position 3
      The first member of the newer series of beta-lactams was isolated in 1956 from extracts of Cephalosporium acremonium, a sewer fungus.
      Like penicillin, cephalosporins are valuable because of their low toxicity and their broad spectrum of action against various diseases. In this way, cephalosporin is very similar to penicillin. Cephalosporins are one of the most widely used antibiotics, and economically speaking, has about 29% of the antibiotic market. The cephalosporins are possibly the single most important group of antibiotics today and are equal in importance to penicillin
      The structure and mode of action of the cephalosporins are similar to that of penicillin. They affect bacterial growth by inhibiting cell wall synthesis, in Gram-positive and negative bacteria.
      Some brand names include: cefachlor, cefadroxil, cefoxitin, ceftriaxone.

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      واو حلو الموضوع بس اذا تسمحيلي 3 شغلات

      اول شي اضافه
      المود اوف رززتنس (طرق مقاومة البكتريا للدواء ) متتركز فقط بالبيتا لاكتميز .. بل واكو بكتريا تغير من شكل Penicillin binding protein الموجود على السيل وول وتمنع ارتباط البنسلين اساسا
      وثاني اضافه وهيه مهمه انه نسبه اصابة anaphylactic shock بالناس الي ياخذون سيفالوسبورين هيه اقل من الي ياخذون بنسلين بنسبه 90 بالمية لهذا اجه بالطبعه الاخيره للبي ان اف 55 ... انه لا تخافون من الشوك الي تصير بالسيفالو لانه شبه نادر .. بس الناس الي كان عدهم تاريخ اصابه بالشوك من البنسلين منعطيهم سيفالوسبورين بل نتجاوزه لانه النسبه تزداد بهل الحاله
      وثالث اضافه ياريت لو تكبتيلنه الرابط لانه بالحقيقه لما وصلو للجيل الثالث من السيفالو سبورين ياله دخلو بالكرام نكتف

      تحياتي وشكراااا كلش هواية على الموضوع المهم الناس تثقف شويه
      أذا أردت ان تكون الافضل
      فيجب أن تعترف بأفضلية من هم من حولك

      Black rapper Is Back

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      المكتبة العامة e الجامعة المستنصرية

      قال عن امثالهم ابو العلاء :
      يسوسون الأنام بغير عقلٍِ .... فينفذ امرهم ويقال ساسه
      فأف من الحياة
      واف منى .... ومن زمن رئاسته خساسه

      وكررها احمد مطر فقال فيهم :

      كَثُرَتْ أَسئلَتي .. لكِنَّ كُلَّ الأسئِلَهْ
      ما لَها إلاّ جَواب واحِدٌ :
      أَنتُمْ جَميعاً سَفَلَهْ !
      وَغَداً حِينَ سَتُطوي صَفَحاتُ المَهزَلَهْ
      وَتُساقونَ إلي مَزبَلَة ..
      إن رَضِيَتْ أن تَحتَويكُمْ مَزبَلَهْ !
      سَوفَ لَن تَبقي لَكُم
      فَوقَ شِفاهِ النّاسِ إلاّ جُملَةٌ مُنتَحَلَهْ
      مِن مَواريثِ قَبيحٍ .. قُبحُكُمْ قَد جَمَّلَهْ :
      (هِيَ هذي المَرْجلَهْ ؟) !

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